How to display post formats?

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I’m trying to add post formats to my website. But I have absolutely no where to start.
I found this article and I see that he uses separate files to deal with each type of format.

BUT I do not understand where he inserts this code//

while ( the_loop() ):
    get_template_part( 'format', get_post_format() );

Do I need to add a loop.php to the theme in order for this to work?
If so would I then add that piece of code into this loop.php file or within the index.php file?

I have absolutely no idea how to display these post formats within the main posts page :(
I was able to set up a separate page for the gallery posts.

Here is the HTML within photos.php//

I just need to know where to start in order to get post formats displayed on my main posts page.

I can add whatever HTML is needed. Please just let me know and I will update my question…

EDIT// Index.php HTML

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