How to use enable pseudo-locale in Windows for testing?

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Windows Vista introduced the concept of three pseudo-locales:

Pseudo Locale        Locale Name  LCID           
===================  ===========  ======
Base                 qps-ploc     0x0501
Mirrored             qps-mirr     0x09ff
East Asian-language  qps-asia     0x05fe

Enabling the Base locale is useful, because you can check that your application is using the current locale for formatting of items such as dates, times, numbers, money.

For example when the current locale is set to Base, a date will be formatted as:

[Шěđлеśđαỳ !!!], 8 ōf [Μäŕςћ !!] ōf 2006

Builds of Windows are actually done in pseudo, and then localized into english:

enter image description here

Another value in the use of these locale’s: it tests that your application doesn’t assume that a 16-bit PRIMARYLANGID is made up of an:

  • 8-bit primary language id
  • 8-bit sublanguage id

when in reality a PRIMARYLANGID is:

  • a 10-bit primary language id
  • a 6-bit sublanguage id

or graphically:

|     Sublanguage ID    |   Primary Language ID   |
 15                   10 9                       0   bit

These three pseudo-locale’s finally walk off the end of the 8th bit (something that Microsoft has been weary of doing for breaking buggy applications).

How do i enable pseudo-locale’s in Windows?

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