Javascript library for creating tables within an HTML5 Canvas

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I have a project where I need to save an html table element as an image. It would appear that the best way to do this is to convert the data from the table into a canvas and then call toDataURL to get an image. After searching through a lot of the tables mentioned here it looks like all of them just put a wrapper around a regular html table to make it look fancier.

  1. Are there any simple libraries (this isn’t fancy) that can easily draw data in a tabular format within a canvas element?
  2. Is there another way that I am missing to save the contents of a table element to an image?

Since this is a Rails project I would prefer if the JS library used JQuery.


I forgot to mention that some of the entries in the table are links. Obviously this works well in a regular html table, but it also needs to work in the canvas version.


Apparently I wasn’t clear in the first edit. The version that’s displayed to the user (be it table or canvas) needs to have links. The final image, obviously, will not.

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Using jquery: using-jquery

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