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I’m looking to “Gracefully Exit/Terminate” Windows Explorer either from the UI or possibly command line.

There are many articles on the web which explain how to do this in various versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7 & 8):

Here on Stack Overflow, there was one particular article which discusses exiting Windows explorer programmatically:
How do you gracefully close Explorer programmatically?

There have been some very detailed & technical responses posted here, so I’m hoping someone on Stack Overflow will actually be able to explain why I do not have the “Exit Explorer” option via the GUI?… I’ve tried Ctrl+Shift+Click, Ctrl+Shift+RtClick, Ctrl+Alt+Click, etc. with no luck… very frustrating.

Here is my system info: Win7Ultimate, SP1, 64bit, PentiumD2.8, 4GB ram, no pen or touch

Perhaps it’s a SP1 “fix”?… or a problem with 64bit version?… somehow it was turned off?

In addition, is there a command line method to “Exit Explorer” gracefully? (afaik taskkill is the same as killing the process in Task Manager, & is not graceful.)

Thanks in advance! ~ G

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